September 29, 2023 1:52 am

You’ve set an enduring legacy with the book “Journalism, my natural calling, triumphs and travails”, Abia Royal father tells Chief Ibe

The former Chairman of Umuopara clan Council of Traditional Rulers, and the Ezeukwu 1 of Ezeleke Autonomous Community, Umuopara, HRM Eze Godfrey Ibeakanma has described the Correspondents Chapel Chairman of the Nigeria Union of Journalists, NUJ Abia State Council, Chief Sam Obinna Ibe as a very Cerebral Journalist, who despite his busy schedules as a Journalist, found out time to write book, “Journalism, my natural calling, triumphs and travails”, for posterity and benefit of the Nigerian society.

Speaking in his palace when Chief Ibe presented the book to him, Eze Ibeakanma, boasted that Ibe remains a worthy son and a blessing to Umuopara land.

Chief Journalist Sam Obinna Ibe presenting the book to HRM Eze Godfrey Ibeakanma.

“You have made us proud through your journalism profession, higher glory awaits you and this book will outlived you as part of your enduring legacies”, the traditional ruler pointed out.

Responding, Chief Ibe appreciated the support, encouragement and the motivating words of the traditional ruler who he described as “a great, outspoken but inspirational Traditional Ruler, the cultural icon of our time, a great lover of Umuopara Ahia Asaa and what it represents positively”.

Ibe said, “It’s only a fool that will forgot those who came to your rescue at the trying times of your life as one of our Igbo proverbs goes.

“For me, I will remain eternally grateful to those who have assisted me in one way or the other in this Thankless profession of ours called Journalism”.

Going down memory lane, Obi recounted, “So, it was to me when I relocated from Lagos in 2006 to Abia, my home state to continue the practice of journalism profession as a publisher of a newspaper, as a media practictioner, while some of our prominent sons contacted could not help their brother to stand afloat, but there were those who came to my rescue.

“Incidentally, some of the Royal fathers in Umuopara clan were excited to receive one of the subjects as a seasoned journalist who returned back home to ply his trade.

“The Traditional Rulers included: His Royal Majesty, Eze Dr J N Amaechi, the Oparaukwu the second now late, the  Traditional Ruler of Umuopara Autonomous Community, HRH late Eze Uzonwanne Asomugha, the traditional ruler of Umuanya Autonomous Community, Ogbodiukwu, Umuopara, HRM Eze ( Engr) Wisdom Ndubueze Ekueku, the Traditional Ruler of Dim na Opara Autonomous Community, Ogbodiukwu, Umuopara and of course, HRH Eze Dr Sir Obioha Brown Uluocha,the traditional ruler of Umuchime na Ofeiyi Autonomous Community, Ogbodiukwu, Umuopara did not only made me his media Adviser but also conferred me with a chieftaincy title of ‘Odereoha’ 1 in 2018, thereby making me one of key officers to his Cabinet. I also salute him for this honour and believing in my media expertise. 

“So, in recognition of their invaluable contributions to my growth in Journalism profession practice so far, last year, when I authored my second book, an autobiography of my journalism sojourn, the journey so far, to celebrate my 60th birthday anniversary, I took time to acknowledge the roles played by many people, including the teachers from Umuopara who taught me in the primary school as well as role played by some of our Traditional Rulers, other prominent sons in Umuopara clan.

“So, on return back home to Umuahia, Eze G.C Ibeakanma played a major role, took me as his son, ensured that I settled down comfortably, offered his timely financial support and gave me useful words of encouragement in addition to introducing me to news sources to assist an Umuopara son. He was indeed a tower of my strength then, which I will enternally be grateful to him and others.

“While my own Eze Obioha Brown Uluocha and my maternal Eze (Engr) Wisdom Ndubueze Ekueku contributions so far are highly commendable, interestingly enough, both attended the public presentation of the book at Bishop Anthony Nwedo Pastoral Centre, along BCA road Umuahia on Thursday, November, 2022, I could not reach other key actors my success stories.

“Eze G C did not only launched the book,but in his usual characteristics said some kind words, extolling me for the great work, praying that sky will be my starting point”.

Ibe seized the opportunity to call on the reading community to earnestly search for his book, entitled “Journalism, my natural calling, triumphs and travails, as according to him, it is must read.

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