July 2, 2022 9:26 am

You’re A Mum Like No Other, Ukeagu Celebrates Mum’s Birthday With Stunning Pictures And Eulogies


Mr. Charles Ukeagu, today, took to his WhatsApp status to share flawless pictures of his mother, Elder Mrs Chinyere Ukeagu and accompanied it with a fitting eulogy to worth.

Elder Mrs Chinyere Ukeagu

The eulogistic speech read: “To my beautiful mother, my strength, my confidant and my prayer warrior. You mean a whole lot to me, thank you for all you taught me. I pray that God will continue to bless you with good health. You haven’t started seeing and reaping the fruit of your womb yet as more are yet to come.

“Like you always say that you will be alive to see your children seated on the throne and I pray that God will grant that. Happy beautiful birthday to a mum like no other. Love you to the moon”.

Mr. Ukeagu further described his mother, who is also the mother of the CEO of CONNAK Foundation, Mrs Carol Emeka Sunday and founder of the Foundation, Mr. Kenneth Nnamdi Ukeagu, as a reservoir of wisdom, an icon and epitome of humility.

Elder Mrs Chinyere Ukeagu

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