July 5, 2022 6:54 pm

We Had Joy With Tears When Nigeria Gained Her Independence But Today… -Eze Ogbenna


 A one time Public Relations Officer of Abia State Traditional Rulers Council, Abia Central District and traditional ruler of Uzi-Amizi autonomous community, Olokoro Clan in Umuahia South L.G.A, of Abia State, Eze Cyril Ogbenna has described bad leadership as the clog in the wheel of Nigeria’s unity, growth and progress.

Eze Ogbenna

Eze Ogbenna who recalled with nostalgia the joyous mood that was activated immediately Nigeria got her independence from Britain, regretted that the sorry state of Nigeria presently with no sign of remedy, even as he maintained his poser, “Which way Nigeria”.

His words, “In the early when I was a Pop Singer, playing music together with the late Sunny Okosun, life then was very sweet, beautiful and comfortable but now as an aged man married and adorned with grandchildren and also a King, Iife is not pleasing at all, nothing to enjoy in Nigeria.
” I recalled that I schooled in Zaria. I stayed secured, nothing to fear. Job security then was very easy. But now we will spend our hard earned money to train our children and after graduation, they will roam around the streets continuously and continually without jobs and hope for the future appears bleak. I am ashamed that after training my son in the university, he ended up hawking in a local market even as a qualified engineer.

Honestly, Nigeria supposed to be one but the segregation that came as a result of bad leadership and tribalism soiled our beautiful apparel. Our leadership has messed up the nation. Our leadership has turned Nigeria into a rubbish ground.
On the series of agitations that have enveloped the country, Eze Ogbenna maintained that if the leadership had led aside her ego and listen attentively to the grievances and complaints of the people and sincerely address it, all the Ills threatening the progress of the country wouldn’t have existed.

Officials at the Nigerian embassy celebrate their country’s independence, 1960. (Photo by Afro American Newspapers/Gado/Getty Images)

Eze Ogbenna insisted that Nigeria will bounce back to the path of success once a technically and technologically inclined President assume the leadership of the nation

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