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Watching The Graduands Walk Up The Podium To Receive Their Startup Packs Gives Me Joy – Ukeagu


Connak foundation on Saturday, December 25, 2021, observed its 9th edition of founder’s day celebration at the International Conference Centre Umuahia, Abia State. Shortly after the event, the founder of the Nongovernmental organization, Mr. Kenneth Nnamdi Ukeagu spoke with our reporter, where he addressed some critical issues.


Q: The Novel COVID-19 And Its Effect On The Activities Of Connak Foundation In The Year 2020?

A: Last year I was disappointed but I feel highly elated that we are on it again this year. I thank God that we are all alive to be part of the year 2021 and to witness the 9th edition of the founder’s day celebration. We thank God for the opportunity to carry over what we couldn’t do in the year 2020 because of coronavirus. We have been able to execute them successfully now. I am happy and I give God all the glory.

Mr Kenneth Ukeagu

Q: Foreign Partners And Connak Foundation Health Programmes?

A: Last year, our plan was affected because of coronavirus. You know travel restrictions and the rest and even this year we wanted to do a similar thing but we couldn’t pull it through because of the same thing. But we have been in touch with our foreign partners. We have been discussing. We have a date for the next year’s edition of the free medical outreach, God’s willing and by God’s grace, we will be able to do that. And beyond the support we receive with regard to health from our foreign partners, we equally have other supports, like our partners recently gave us a grant to build a community hospital and very soon, that one will take off by God’s grace in Afugiri, Ohuhu clan in Umuahia North L.G.A, of Abia State.

ICT Graduands

Q: Combined Statistics Of ICT Graduands?

A: The ICT programme is more like a one year thing. Every year we graduate ICT students and from the time it started uptill now, the number has been increasing. But for this particular edition, we actually admitted 437 students. We usually engage consultants to assess the candidates. Because of the sudden visit of COVID-19, about 20 students dropped when we resumed. Also when we carried out assessment test, 40 candidates could not make up the requirements. So, for today we graduated about 380 students.

Beneficiaries of the Connak Foundation scholarship scheme with Mr. Kenneth Nnamdi Ukeagu in a group photograph

Q: Scholarship Beneficiaries And Their Statistics

A: For the secondary school, we have 177 beneficiaries and we have for those at the tertiary institutions too. So put together, they are over 200 and they cut across the 17 local government areas of Abia State. As long as we find you qualified to be part of it, we will engage you.You saw what happened today? They were being called by their local government areas.

One of the ICT graduands with her startup pack

Q: How Do You Feel Watching The Graduands/Beneficiaries Walk Up The Podium To Receive Their Startup Packs/Certificates?

A: Each time I watch them walk up to the stage to receive their packs and certificates, I feel fulfilled. It is one thing for you to wish to do something and another thing for that thing to come to reality. So I feel fulfilled. I was almost emotional, sometimes I feel like crying, if not that I am a strong person. The reason is, I see myself in some of them, when I was growing up. Like when the beneficiaries of the scholarship scheme were being called to receive their certificates, I saw some of the small boys and I remembered how small I was in the secondary school. We were the smallest. I vividly remember then at Ibeku High School, they call us mosquito team because we were playing football, that was how small we were. So, when I saw some of the small ones walking majestically to collect their certificates, I feel happy.You know what it means to be used by God to do this? God could have used any person but He choose to use me, my team and my family. So I am very very grateful to Him.

Q: Rumoured Venturing Into Partisan Politics

A: Well you were told that I was nearly lured into politics. Well, that is in the realm of hearsay, I never made any pronouncement about going into politics. Of course you know when God is using you to do something like this, you are bound to attract attention and those people who were coming to say, okay, why not come and do this.I was hearing it just as you were hearing it. Well, they did those things out of good intentions, because they thought, if God is using this person to do this kind of thing, if given a wider space and more resources, he will do better. It was good intention. I don’t think it was out of anything selfish. But you know like I always tell people, just as I am telling you now, my life has always been a life that is completely driven by God. I don’t depend on what people say. I don’t even depend on my own wisdom and efforts, I rely on God. When something happens or I need to take a decision, I will go to God for direction and He has always come in a marvelous way.

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