March 31, 2023 11:52 pm

Umuahia North will witness green revolution, World standard of handling community project – Amalambu, ADC HoA candidate


An Agriculturist and House of Assembly candidate for African Democratic Congresss, ADC Rev. Blessed Amalambu has assured farmers in Ulonna South Farm Settlement, Afugiri in Umuahia North State Constituency in Abia State that he will seek to work with the private sector, research institutions as well as other Agricultural development agencies towards enhancing agriculture productivity in the area if duly elected as a lawmaker in the forthcoming, March 2023 House of Assembly election.

The inhabitants of Ulonna South Farm Settlement waiting to hear from Rev. Blessed Amalambu.

Interacting with the inhabitants of the Farm Settlement, Rev. Amalambu who vowed to resurrect the green revolution dreams of the late Premier of the Eastern region and proud son of Ohuhu clan, Chief Michael Okpara, recalled its achievement in terms of agricultural productivity improvement.

Historically, the green revolution initiative was a major agriculture policy of the Shehu Shagari administration. It was introduced in April 1980 with the fundamental objective of ensuring self sufficiency in food production together with introduction of modern technology into the Nigerian agriculture sector.

Amalambu pointed out he is Agriculturally oriented and conversant with all that affects Agriculture and its best practices.

Amalambu who clearly observed that the success of one’s project depends largely on how well you are able to engage your community, also assured that all the projects he will embark upon as a legislator would adhere strictly to the World standard of handling community project, which include: ensuring that the project responds to the local needs; understanding the community context; defining the Constituency consultation plan and consultation goals and methods.

While soliciting their support, Amalambu assured that, “Ulonna South Farm Settlement will have the cause to remember me for good”.

L-R Rev. Blessed Amalambu (standing) Mr. Friday Enyioma, Chairman Ulonna South Farm Settlement

Responding on behalf of the farmers, Mr. Friday Enyioma, Chairman Ulonna South Farm Settlement, decried that over 27 years running, the inhabitants have been living without electricity, and Government has not been doing anything to help out and also politicians who visited, were only interested in their votes, which after winning at the polls, they will incommunicado.

He expressed optimism that the Farm Settlement will witness something different, when they unanimously agreed to vote Amalambu in as their representative at the State House of Assembly.

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