September 28, 2023 8:59 pm

Support theological education, it’s a mother of all other disciplines, MCCU VC appeals to Government… As School holds convocation/matriculation


For onward positive transformation of the society to be effective, the Vice Chancellor of Morris Cerullo Christian University, MCCU Prof. Peter Akujuobi has said that theological institutions has an onerous task of working on Church leaders and workers with a view to empowering, enlightening and educating them for increased productivity.

In his address on the occasion of the 23rd convocation and 22nd matriculation ceremony of the school in Umuahia, Abia State, the MCCU Vice Chancellor, asserted that Christian Universities like the MCCU have well articulated curriculum that can transform and groom students both intellectually and spiritually with the view to making them a product the society will be proud of and also ensuring excellence in their Ministry.

MCCU VC Prof. Peter Akujuobi delivering an address during the matriculation/convocation ceremony.

According to Prof. Akujuobi, MCCU curriculum was systematically designed for brain processing and edification with a holistic and therapeutic approach.

Akujuobi who passionately urged the government to support theological education, reasoned that, “It is a mother and queen of all other disciplines”.

Prof. Akujuobi boasted that, “At MCCU, we engineer theological education beyond the usual ordinary, regular, bandwagon and superficial theology obtainable in an average theological institutions.

“This is evidenced by the high level of discipline, decorum, diligence, dexterity, docility, discretion and dedication demonstrated by our students”.

Akujuobi who also warned that ignorance remains a besetting snag in today’s Ministry, as no can go beyond his or her level of knowledge, said, “There is no gainsaying the fact that a thorough educated and exposed Pastor is a transformer who will invariably affect the Church positively”.

Apostle Great Imo, a guest speaker at the event, in a sermon which centered on the Grace of God tasked the newly ordained and licensed Ministers to avoid mingling with criminals who parades themselves as stainless on the altar of God and also avoid stealing and faking things in the Ministry, so as to run away from untimely death.

Apostle Great Imo.

Apostle Imo who touched and torched on the 12 ethics of effective Ministry, encouraged the young ministers of the gospel to be prayer machines, students of the word of God and listen consistently to the teachings and preachings of genuine Ministers of God who are ahead of them.

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