July 1, 2022 9:51 pm

Rotary Peace Culture & Conflict Resolution Approach Can Solve Nigeria’s Problem – Fmr. Council Boss

By our reporter

A Past Assistant Governor of Rotary Club, District 9142, Rtn. Sir Dickson Nwosu has enjoined government at all levels to emulate the conflict resolution and peace culture approach of Rotary Club in order to save the country from further damages.

Rtn. Nwosu, who is also a knight of Methodist Church Nigeria gave the advice in Umuahia, Abia State during his birthday celebration.

Rtn. Nwosu said, “Rotary is a culture we want everyone to cultivate here in the world, so that there will be peace, there will be unity, there will be justice and people should live freely with others. We should not be witnessing unnecessary killings, just like what we are suffering in Nigeria now. There is nothing like killing spirit in Rotary. People are beings created in God’s image.

Rtn. Nwosu said, “There is conflict resolution which Rotary Club practices. There is also peace culture which Rotary is also practicing and if these cultures are maintained in Nigeria, the ugly trend of wasting lives and property will be history, because we are not animals”.

Rtn. Nwosu advised that there should be a complete resolution of conflicts in Nigeria so that people will understand where the trouble/problem is, sort it out and settle it.

“Somebody cannot be in his kitchen and be cursing the president and the president will stay in his office and will be dishing out orders”, he added.

On his special day (the birthday celebration), Rtn. Nwosu who has been active in Rotary Club for about 38 years, appreciated Rtn. Lynda Dimgba, the Pathfinder President of Rotary Club of Umuahia, District 9142, members of his club, children and other Rotarians and Rotaractors who honoured the event.

“This is the third time I have been honoured during my birthday celebration. The first was at Holland, during a convention in Portugal. Another one took place in Australia, when we were on a group exchange programme of Rotary Club. There in Sydney, we celebrated it with the white men. They gave me a certificate for that and for all the talks and speeches that I made”, Rtn. Nwosu revealed further.

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