July 2, 2022 7:42 am

Rev. Uma Ukpai Speaks On The Redeeming The Pride And Glory Of Ndigbo …As PFN Lends Voice


To redeem the pride and glory of Ndi Igbo in the contemporary time, Igbo sons and daughters have been encouraged to learn how to respect God and humanity, as such action will also aid them take their rightful place In the politics of Nigeria.

The founder and President Uma Ukpai Evangelist Association, Rev. Dr. Uma Ukpai who said this during a one day solemn assembly prayer summit organised by the Southeast Christian Traditional Rulers on Mission, in conjunction with Christian Association of Nigeria, also harped on the need for Igbos to embrace the word of God and show respect to humanity.

While maintaining that the knowledge of the word of God can change any ugly situation, Rev. Ukpai made it clear that the Southeast is  an important part of Nigeria that should be given the opportunity to rule the country as equity demands.

Furthermore, the famous clergy, Rev Dr Uma Ukpai observed that lack of respect for elders and parents commonly found among the youths from Igbo land accounts for poor developmental stride in Igbo nation. 

According to the clergy, respect for elders and parents attracts blessings from God and man.

He encouraged the youths from the Igbo extraction to embrace the culture of respect for parents and elders so that their ways will be prosperous.

Rev. Uma Ukpai

Earlier in his address, the host, His Royal Majesty Eze Ogbuka Origa  described Rev. Ukpai as a worthy spiritual father of the Igbos, who has defended the region both national and Internationally and pray God to guide him.

He further thanked God for helping him to bring together Southeast Christian Traditional Rulers under one umbrella to advocate for the abolishment of the ‘Osu’ (Outcast) and ‘Igbo enweghi Eze’ stigma ravaging the south East.

He passionately appealed to the government and traditional institutions to help ensure that every citizen of Igbo land have equal opportunity.

Present during the prayer summit are notable traditional rulers and House of Clergymen Clergies.

Reacting to the questions from the pressmen shortly after the meeting, Rev. Dr. Blessed Amalambu, the Abia State chapter Secretary of PFN who also represented the State Chairman, Bishop Dr. Chikezie Elekwa described the programme as very timely seeing the fagile nature of the South Eastern states.

 According to Amalambu, any prayer that centers on the unity and oneness of the Igbo people will act as a catalyst for our political success.

His words, “Currently, the enemies of Igbo nation have used money and others sources of inducement to divide Igbo land. This has invariably reduced our pride and glory, especially in political sectors. The fearless and courageous clergy passionately called on Igbo nation to unite her God’s given strength to bring back the lost positions in the leadership of this nation (Nigeria)”.

Rev Amalambu, showered praises to the traditional rulers for recognizing the Lord Almighty as the Great King over their different kingdoms.

He prayed to God to give all the traditional rulers in Igbo land who relied on the Lord Almighty the needed wisdom, strength and good health.

The PFN scribe further  called on all Igbo youths to unite their strength for a common goal (restoring the pride and glory of Igbo nation), as he rightly put it, “We must not remain Second Class Citizen in own land. The time is now. Any further delay will spell doom for us”.

Rev. Amalambu

Amalambu who also encouraged all Igbos from the age of 18 years and above get their Permanent Voter Cards (PVC), said, “Political affiliation notwithstanding, let us work as a team to get back what belong to us. Enough is enough, let us shine our eyes now or it will be too late”.

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