February 1, 2023 4:46 am

Patient’s Wellbeing In CONNAK Foundation’s Wellness Park 


According to the Oxford Dictionary, ‘wellness’ is ‘the state of being healthy, especially when you actively try to achieve this. ‘ Well-being, on the other hand, is considered ‘general health and happiness, a state of emotional/physical/psychological well-being’.

Since 2012, what started as a family fervor of reaching out to indigent members within acommunity in Abia State, Connak Foundation has been actualising its aim of promoting the wellness and wellbeing of Nigerians; equipping young people with vocational and trade skills to achieve self-sustainability; provide enabling social environment and support the socio-economic development of low-income communities.

Most recently, the foundation built a wellness park in the Federal Medical Centre, Umuahia as part of its efforts in making a positive change in the health and wellness of patients in the hospital.

And also, improving the overall health and wellness of the patient admitted in the hospital. 

Well-meaning observers have noted with satisfaction that CONNAK Foundation through the construction of the wellness park has succeeded in providing a rich opportunity for patients, their visiting families and friends, staff, and local residents to exercise, unwind, relax, meditate, and even learn.

Cross section of Patients during the CONNAK Foundation’s medical outreach

Their observation were not different other people and  patients on admission, who have clearly admitted that the park has played a fundamental role in enhancing the physical environments where the patients were admitted and also provided support for good health for patients of all abilities, ages, socio‐economic backgrounds, and ethnicities.

Making friends easier as a result of hanging out at the park will not also be ruled out.

A patient being attended to by a medical professional during one of the free medical outreaches

At the forefront of wellness and healthcare, the CONNAK Foundation wellness park has not only provided a connection to nature which studies demonstrate relieves stress levels but has also foster overall wellness and healthful habits.

The foundation’s free medical outreach has over the years restored hope for the hopeless in the area of health. The foundation has been able to tackle Malaria and typhoid, cataracts and also HBP &LBP.

While giving out what it believed to be the best gift through free medical outreaches, the foundation which also believe that sound health is the greatest gift one can have, has also provided free medicated glasses and drugs to the beneficiaries who have sight challenges.

At the foundation’s medical outreaches, diagnosis were successfully conducted for Patients who went through the laboratory test such as; RVS, HBsAG, RBs, blood group among others and result were given out to the patients for further treatment.

It is on record also that CONNAK foundation has been carrying out free quality medical and surgical missions in partnership with healthcare professionals and it has been able to reach out to thousands of beneficiaries.

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