February 1, 2023 11:21 pm

Misinformation, a major factor that will affect the 2023 election, IVG warns


Misinformation is a major dangerous factor that might affect the electoral process in Nigeria, come 2023, the Igbo Vanguard Group, IVG has warned.

To this end, the body advised the Federal Government to put in place a stringent law that will require any information to carry the full identity of the person disseminating it.

Engr. James Nnadozie Uchegbuo

Interacting with our correspondent in Umuahia, Abia State, the IVG President General, Engr. James Nnadozie Uchegbuo, said, “Misinformation is a very serious factor. People stay in their respective homes, concoct stories and push it to the internet and social media and before you know it, it has started raging like a wild fire in the desert”.

Uchegbuo said, “A lot of people carry out false information to deceive the public. Most of our uninformed and illiterate parents and relatives can easily be misled, misplaced, misguided or misinformed through stories concocted by those who do not mean well for the peace, unity, development and progress of Nigeria”.

He encouraged the public to ensure that any information they wished to disseminate must have passed through the prisms of checks to avoid misinforming others and destroying the electoral process in disguise.

” Every information must be scrutinized by various bodies before disseminating or releasing it to the public. Such information must have a genuine source and this will help to safeguard the public, guide our electorate to have a good judgement about their preferred candidates and also help our democracy”, Uchegbuo said, as he wished Nigerians a merry Christmas and a prosperous new year.

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