July 2, 2022 10:12 am

Ikwueke, Ahuwa-Oboro Mourns The Exit Of The Custodian Of Ala Ahuwa


The custodian of Ala Ahuwa, a symbol of authority in Ahuwa-Oboro autonomous community, Oboro clan in Ikwuano L.G.A, of Abia State, Mazi Njimaeze Owunna (Opara Ahuwa-Oboro) aged 101 from Umunada village is dead.

Announcing his demise to newsmen in Umuahia, the President General of Ahuwa-Oboro autonomous community, Engr. James Nnadozie Uchegbuo described the deceased as a man who lived a very simple, truthful and honourable lifestyle.
His words, “Before his death, Mazi Owunna  was the holder of Ala Ahuwa as the oldest man. Ala Ahuwa controls the four autonomous Communities – Apu Ntalakwu; Umuokeigbo; Ajatanigu and Ahuwa-Oboro in the old Ikwueke compound village.

Engr. Uchegbuo

“The oldest man in the community controls the Ikoro festival and also hold Ala Ahuwa and must organize and perform the Ikoro festival on every first ‘Orie Ukwu’ of every new year before the Ikwueke ekpe festival can take place. By that, he performs some libations to welcome the new year and ekpe festival. He will call everyone together for a peaceful year celebration without any idol worship.

“Other autonomous Communities in Ikwuano respect our culture because ekpe Ikwueke festival is the most celebrated festival in Ikwuano and beyond because of the dignifying way the festival is been conducted without any fetish or rituals attached to it, except normal libations performed by the oldest man. He must first and foremost grant his blessings to all the four autonomous Communities in Ikwueke for the ekpe festival to be successful. The people that holds the Ikoro and Ala Ahuwa are said to be the heir of the entire four autonomous Communities”.

Mazi Owunna

Engr. Uchegbuo who eulogised the sterling attributes, performance and leadership qualities of the deceased, who he described as the ‘Opara Ahuwa Oboro’, said, “Before his death, Mazi Owunna was a highly committed to Christian Life as a staunch member of the Methodist Church Nigeria. That’s why whatever and whatsoever he said was taken seriously without much doubt. Until his death, he still make out time to attend to Church to thank God for the life He has given him”.

He said the burial arrangements would be made public after due consultations with bereaved family, Chiefs and Elders of the Umunada village, the Ahuwa-Oboro autonomous community and the entire Ikwueke.

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