March 31, 2023 10:55 pm

HIGH Chief IKECHI EMELIKE: A Bond of Principle with Abia People

By Obioma Oburuoga

The element of principle is the one aspect that is in short supply in our politics. Let us quickly recall the story of how some Abia politicians met to share money obviously siphoned through illegal means only to find out that the custodian of the cash had shortchanged the gang by over a million naira. One angered politician promptly reacted that, ‘ among thieves there must be honour”. Really? 

What is principle? It is foundational truth that undergirds behaviour or even a belief system. It is next to integrity and therefore unassailable, unquestionable. A man of principle is easily a man of HONOUR.  These are the issues that most political jobbers have no ability to contemplate and therefore totally indifferent. 

Abia state have been in this turf of political recklessness long enough. At no time since Late Samuel Onunaka Mbakwe (PhD), have we seen another political figure who has such fine dedication to his vision and motives and commitment to the essential principles of life than High Chief Ikechi Emelike. He lives his word no matter who is concerned and he keeps to time no matter the event. These are not the usual  Nigerian political life items. These  are not what Abia people are usually offered but they are certainly what Abia people need.

High Chief Ikechi Emelike’s courage and capacity for mega trend like this ability to disrupt the status quo will save Abia from calamity. When salaries are not paid, when pensions and gratuities are not honoured , how can the people develop or maintain their personal dignity even before their children.

Ikechi is determined to wipe the tears off the people faces and bring these issues into first line charge in appreciation of the contributions of our seniors and retirees. Beyond this, more pragmatic and economically  progressive solutions await the people. Abians have held the wrong end of the stick for too long. They have been dehumanized by the same government imposed on them in classic electoral fraud.

Abians merely survive, for it seems, successive regimes programmed for them, a NAZI styled annihilation.

Right now only a desperate heart cry from the people forsaking all diabolical enticement and giftings from the usual cunning high places that have appropriated our Commonwealth and enslaved the people to a life of vicious poverty can alert the heavens for reprieve.

High Chief Ikechi Emenike

”For the expectation of the righteous shall not be cut off,” the good book says. As the All Progressives Congress, APC enters the stage of primaries caucuses that will produce candidates at all levels of authority delegation and representation , we implore Abians to intercede that God’s choices emerge.

On the governorship platform, we invite Abia delegates and stakeholders, to focus on that man that can not be compromised or misdirected due to the entrenched interests of any singular individual; this is actually inconceivable where Ikechi Emelike is.

Abia people will be his godfather and he will never disobey his people.

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