January 31, 2023 9:29 pm

Fastest growing economy: ADC candidate sends message of hope to Ohuhu people


Rev. Blessed Amalambu has expressed his dream and desire to replicate the positive examples of the late Dr Michael Okpara by setting up avenues that will run the fastest growing economy in the Ohuhu Constituency through agricultural revolution, infrastructural developments and promotion of commerce and industry.

Rev. Amalambu, the African Democratic Congress, ADC candidate for Umuahia North State Constituency, therefore urged the electorate to help actualize this lofty dreams by voting him in as their legislator in the forthcoming House of Assembly election.

Interacting with our correspondent in Umuahia, Rev. Amalambu further disclosed his intentions to consult and engage experts in the field of rural development and education development in order to achieve the feat.

Rev. Amalambu said that Ohuhu Constituency under his watch as a legislator will witness a massive turn around in the different sphere of Agriculture and skills, revealing further plans to float a small scale business that will meaningfully engage the unemployed constituents.

” In 2023, Ohuhu people will know the difference between a righteous leader and others. Ohuhu need me to champion their course. Ohuhu Constituency needs an intelligent and experienced candidate who is well exposed to the nitty gritty of the law”, Rev. Amalambu, the NAVC/ICPC Abia State coordinator clearly observed.

Amalambu who said as a legislator, that he will sponsor a bill seeking to activate the Modern ceramic industry in Umuahia, also disclosed that he will carry out aggressive reorientation of the people and public enlightenment on self contentment in other to arrest corruption and kill it both in the system and the society.

The ADC candidate who expressed strong believe that he is competent, capable and credible to speak for his Constituents in 2023, revealed further intentions to promote bills that will put to a stop multiple taxations and legalizing illegality; provide fertilizer for the Constituents on affordable price; encourage mechanized agriculture and the formation of cooperative societies in Ohuhu Constituency.

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