July 5, 2022 5:26 am

Deborah Samuel: Christian Traditional Rulers Reacts


The bodies of Christian Traditional Rulers have unanimously condemned the gruesome murder of late Deborah Samuel, a 200-level Home Economics student of Shehu Shagari College of Education in Sokoto State by some unscrupulous elements.

The bodies which include: Fellowship of Christian Traditional Rulers of Nigeria, FECTRON; National Council of Christian Traditional Rulers of Nigeria, NCCTRN and Southeast Christian Traditional Rulers on Mission, SECTROM reminded religious extremists and fanatics that both Muslims and Christians were created by God.

Interacting with our correspondent in Umuahia, the Abia State chapter Chairman of FECTRON, HRM Eze Godfrey Onwuka described the act as barbaric, uncivilized and archaic, and does not portray any religion.

Eze Onwuka who felt unsatisfied with the manner the Government of Sokoto State is handling the case, moreover advised Christians to maintain peace and tranquility with the hope that the government will do the needful to avoid the escalation or repetition of such ugly incident.

HRM Eze Godfrey Onwuka

Speaking also, the NCCTRN National Welfare Officer and Southeast Secretary, HRH Eze Ben Ogechi Oriaku who cited the Bible books of Exodus chapter 20 verse 13; and Deuteronomy chapter 5 verse 17 pointed out that both Islam and Christian religion clearly abhor and forbid wasting the innocent blood.

HRH Eze Ben Oriaku

He equally observed that a constitutionally recognized Sharia lawcourt exist where those caught in blasphemous act should be taken instead of jungle justice, which has dainted the Nigeria’s image in the global village.

Eze Oriaku advised Northern traditional rulers, Islamic scholars, clerics and others to always watch and regulate their messages as what goes out from their mouths have great influence on their subjects and followers, even as he maintained that Islam is a religion of peace.

In his reaction, an evangelist and coordinator of SECTROM, HRM Eze Ogbuka Origa wondered why the assailants who perceived that the late Deborah Samuel blasphemed did not take her to the Sharia lawcourt or report her to either the Christian Association of Nigeria or Pentecostal Fellowship of Nigeria rather  than performing the unlawful act.

He described the killing as very wicked, obnoxious, barbaric and ungodly act, maintaining that no rightful thinking being would accept and hail such an action, so long as Nigeria is concerned.

Late Deborah Samuel

Eze Origa advised both the Christian and Muslim traditional rulers to strive to ensure that their subjects are properly enlightened to avoid such ugly and unruly act.

HRM Eze Ogbuka Origa

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  • Kola, It’s Happening Again!

    You were butchered in broad daylight, right in front of your parent’s rented apartment. Why? Because you had a Bible. The three assailants were your age mate. After butchering you, they tore your Bible into pieces and burnt it.

    For three years, the law enforcement agents kept dragging the case until finally, they pronounced that the case was closed. This in itself was very hurting and excruciating. The family went numb.

    After the authorities closed your case, ……… God opened it. Remember, God is the JUDGE of the entire universe. In those three years, while the case was still dragging, the very guy that killed you was given an award for killing an ‘infidel’. A rich man in his community also gave him a full scholarship to study abroad for killing an ‘infidel’.

    Ten years after, the God of the whole earth has also judged the case and closed it. The guy who killed the ‘infidel’, dropped dead while waiting for a train to his school abroad. The Saul who burnt your Bible is now Pastor Paul. The community leader who closed the case went blind after losing four of his children in a ghastly motor accident. Everything happened within five weeks but that was ten years after when many had forgotten what happened.

    The one who gave the scholarship was bedridden for years before he gave up the ghost. God is still on the throne. When a system refuses to give justice to unhealthy behaviour, the God of heaven and earth will take it over and overdo it.

    Kola, you would have been 59 also this year but at 17, you were cut short.

    Job 16:18 was the anthem of the family….. O earth, do not cover the wrong done to Kola’s blood and let his cry not be muffled.

    hmmmmmmmmmmmmm! Deborah, Jesus is Alive!

  • God is not asleep. The greatest deceit anyone will fall prank of is that God doesn’t reward men for their wicked deeds. No acts like this goes unpunished…. mark it. God is alive

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