February 1, 2023 10:59 pm

Dare Devil Taking Over Umuahia?

By Our Reporter

A septuagenarian and a Knight of St. Mulumba, Sir Patrick Chdiebere Ike, who worship in the Mater Dei Catholic cathedral, Umuahia, Abia State woke up in the morning and hurriedly dashed out to meet up with the morning mass at the Cathedral on Saturday with a great joy.

Sir Patrick Chdiebere Ike

But along the way, Sir Ike, a brother to the late former speaker of the Abia State House of Assembly, Hon. Nkem Chris Ike, met up with what could be termed as “An unpalatable experience”.

Sir Ike a 76 year old man narrates:

“I was coming to morning mass along Enugu road in Umuahia. On crossing Lagos street, four boys accosted me. The one in front had a gun, the one by my left had a bow and arrow. The other two behind, had a stick and a knife. What I heard was, Old Papa, where you dey go this morning? They spoke in pidgin English.

“I told them that I am a Catholic and I was going to morning mass. I was wearing a sewn Ankara. As I was pointing to the direction of Mater Dei cathedral, the first person put his hand on my first pocket, took one of my phones, the other put his hand on my left pocket and took the other phone. They also took my purse, opened it and took my ATM card.

“I passionately appealed to them to release my SIM cards and the next thing I heard is, Old Papa, if you talk SIM card again, we go kill you here and go! I told them okay, since you won’t give me the SIM cards, what of my purse? You have taken the phones, my money and the ATM card, can you just give me the purse, because I have vital and important documents in the purse.

“What I heard again is, Old Papa you dey talk too much English, if you tell us again make we give you this purse, we go read all the letters wey dey inside, anyone wey be criminal one, we go carry you go lock you for Police.

“I looked at them as this juncture and I don’t what to do. And I was just guessing at them as they went away with my phones, my money, my purse and my ATM card.

“The most painful aspect of it was that this happened on a Saturday. Believing that my 4-digit ATM numbers are still with me, since I didn’t disclose it to them, that my account was safe. I relaxed on Sunday and on Monday. Little did I know that through the SIM card they accessed my bank account and almost left the account completely empty.

“It was there that I learnt a bitter lesson, that I should have gone immediately, that even the Bank gateman could have blocked my account and stop any transaction. I learnt that one in a bitter way.

“I’m still trying to recover from the collosal lost I got from the incident. It has not been easy. It is very very sad”, Sir Ike lamented.

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