September 28, 2023 8:07 pm

APGA National Convention Did Not Affirm Onukwubiri As Duly Elected Chairman Of Abia APGA – Publicity Sec….Insists Egwu will rebuild, refocus, reposition APGA in Abia



This is to bring to the notice of all APGA Members and supporters that at no time prior,during or after the just concluded national convention at Awka Anambra State, did any individual or the leadership of our great Party affirm or inaugurate the dissident factional Chairmanship of Ambassador Sunday Onukwubiri as the duly elected or legitimate leader of the Abia chapter of our great Party as claimed by the media aide to Prof. Greg Ibe, Reverend Steve Ogwo,
in his congratulatory message to the new NWC.

It is obvious that this lie was sneaked into the congratulatory message with an intent to deceive the APGA Masses who have rejected this leadership in it’s totality and have unanimously and democratically elected for themselves a new leadership in the person of Chief Emmanuel Egwu ( Esele uwa nile )

We therefore enjoin all APGA Members, supporters and Abians in general to disregard this falsehoods and focus on the task of rebuilding, refocusing and repositioning of APGA to achieve the APGA vision for Abia State under the able leadership of Chief Emmanuel Egwu.

God bless APGA.
God bless Abia State.

Uzo Ogbonna
Publicity Secretary, APGA Abia State.

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