July 2, 2022 10:02 am

Abia Royal Father Lost Cassava Farms To Fire


It was not a good day for the immediate past Chairman, Umuahia North Council of Traditional Rulers, Eze Philip Ajomiwe who lost his cassava farmlands simultaneously to fire.

Eze Ajomiwe has a cassava farm (about 1.5 hectares with 419 specie, when harvested will yield about 30 tons) near Ubani-Ibeku market in Umuahia North L.G.A, and another one (about 2.5 hectares with yellow root specie, when also harvested will yield about 60 tons) at Amakama near Pacesetter FM in Umuahia South L.G.A, of Abia State.

Taking a cross section of Journalists round the razed farms, Eze Ajomiwe who is the Chairman/Managing Director of De-Philajoms agro and allied industries Limited lamented the level of damages from ugly incident and wondered how he will payback the loans borrowed from the bank to cultivate the cassava farm.

One of the cassava farms

His words, ” I am the only farmer that plants yellow root in Abia State. Ask any of the Agricultural personnel, they will tell you that only few farmers that plant and process the yellow root into cassavita, because it has 40 percent provitamin A.

When you use it to produce garri, you don’t need to add palm oil. Also a tuber of the 419 cassava is equivalent to or even more than a big tuber of yam.

“I am very shocked because we lost about 90 tons in these farms. A bundle of the stem of this yellow root cost about N2,500 and we need 60 bundles for one hectare, when you calculate N2,500 times 60, you will see how much we have lost. We have been suffering from the herdsmen menace but we thank God that this time, they did not invade our cassava farm and we are still on the jubilation mode/mood when the information filtered in that my farmlands have been razed by fire. How can a sensible human being do this evil?

“If not anything, the person or people would have remembered that we are suffering, not only on labour but the cost of getting and planting these stems and cassava that they have destroyed. Now, where are we going to get the one that we will process? Not many people plant this yellow root specie and if you ask the few once, how much is  the sale price of a ton, they will tell you N60 thousand”.

Eze Ajomiwe, the traditional ruler of Oriendu autonomous community, Ohuhu clan passionately appealed to the Federal Government, Federal Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development and Dr. Okezie Ikpeazu, governor of Abia State to come to his rescue, as all the monies he spent got lost and no other left to buy the stems and replant.

“I’m really embittered, I’m really depressed and I’m really shocked that after spending millions of naira in these farms and I just lost it in a twinkle of an eye, how are we going to payback the loans we borrowed?, the shrill ululation of Eze Ajomiwe who lost his cassava farmlands simultaneously to fire.

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