February 2, 2023 12:35 am

Abia Royal Father Bemoans The Fate Of Nigerians @ Easter


Nigerians have been encouraged to remain focused and undaunted that what, “we are experiencing today are never permanent but will soon expire”.

In his Easter message of hope, a two time member of the Abia State Traditional Rulers Council and traditional ruler of Uzi-Amizi autonomous community, Olokoro clan in Umuahia South L.G.A, of Abia State, Eze Cyril Ogbenna decried that Nigeria is faced with challenges that seem insurmountable; terrorism, banditry, kidnapping, fraud, hatred, recurrent strike actions, mass exodus of our health workers, corruption, among others while leaders and intending leaders are busy promising the citizens heaven and earth.

His words, “Our annual resolution as a country could be likened to an alcoholic who makes yearly resolution not to drink to oblivion only to be found in the gutters courtesy of drunkenness at the middle of January.

“The type of bloodshed in this country and the global village is alarming and our leaders now view it as normal and no man’s business. These and other ugly developments have forced me to stupidly say that if I were God, I will bulldoze the entire earth and procreate a different set of people who will respect and have feelings for others.

Eze Cyril Ogbenna

“As a genuine Christian, the Bible warned us not to kill and I strong believe that Allah has never instructed the Muslims to waste human lives. So be you Igbo, Hausa or Yoruba, human beings remains one and God said we should not kill”.

Eze Ogbenna further decried the bitting economic situation in the country where the cost of kerosene, fuel, gas and diesel are on the high side, even when the mineral resources are richly deposited in the country.

“Our Agricultural sector cannot comfortably feed the nation despite all the monies spent on research. Most of our Agricultural institutions are busy forcefully acquiring our community lands, depriving peasant farmers their only source of livelihood. As a nation we are not secured even in the presence of the security agencies. On daily basis, our Universities turn out graduates without job security, no refineries, companies, factories and industries to absolve them”, Eze Ogbenna said.

He pointed out that Easter season is embellished with a spiritual direction where people including the leaders should have sober reflection and move from bad to good, while forgetting and forgiving those that have offended them.

Eze Ogbenna further enjoined Uzi-Amizi people, Olokoro clan inhabitants, Abians and Nigerians as a whole to be security conscious and conversant with their immediate environment, even as he encouraged them to remember the less privileged and support one another. 

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