Fri. Jul 12th, 2024


The founder of a Nongovernmental Organization under the name, The Straight Child Foundation, TSCF Dr. Mrs Peace Amaraegbulam has enjoined Nigerians to let go of the negativity to enjoy the beautiful things that are happening all around them, as the world observed the year 2024 Global Forgiveness Day.

July 7 recognizes Global Forgiveness Day on the National Day Calendar as a day to encourage forgiveness as part of an element of personal health.

Interacting with our correspondent through WhatsApp chat , Mrs Amaraegbulam, a medical expert observed that finding a path to forgiveness could sometimes be challenging, but also admitted that humans are prone to committing mistakes, hence the need to give them a second chance.

 She said that for one to successfully chase his or her dreams and rise above the negativity, the person must remember to forgive those who have hurt them.

Amaraegbulam who described one’s happiness as a precious gift, disclosed that study regarding forgiveness has shown that forgiving people suffered less from certain illnesses; less forgiving people suffered a higher number of health problems; withholding forgiveness causes stress, which could lead to physical symptoms like anxiety, high blood pressure, and depression; while holding onto forgiveness may cause negative emotions and problems with anger and frustration.

Amaraegbulam who also expressed joy that the day fall on Sunday, a day most Christians worship at their various centres, enjoined everyone to celebrate the day by forgiving those who did wrong to them.

According to her, we can build new and strong bonds with people by forgiving them for their past mistakes.

The Christian Embassy of Christ’s Ambassadors, CECA founded National Forgiveness Day in 1994, by putting up a banner in Victoria, British Columbia, proclaiming a National Forgiveness Day.

The original date for the observation was August 27, but it has since been moved the July 7 every year.

As the celebration grew, they renamed it Global Forgiveness Day.


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