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A social impact strategist, Mrs Amede Olisa-Achingale has envisioned a society where every widow thrives and have the resources, respect, and support they deserved.

In her address in the city of Lagos State, during a FINANCIAL LITERACY WORKSHOP in commemoration of INTERNATIONAL WIDOWS’ DAY, tagged, “Empower yourself with financial knowledge”, which also has the theme, “Accelerating the achievements of gender equality”, with “Assessment and progress report on the journey of widowhood”, as the topic discussed, Mrs Olisa-Achingale, called on the critical stakeholders to join hands and champion legal protection and economic opportunities for widows. 

Mrs Olisa-Achingale, an ex banker, who appreciated the partnership of SheServes Africa, Educate Nigeria Initiative, and Succor for Orphans, Widows and the Disabled, SOWD which saw to the success of the event, maintained that with healthy collaborations the denial of basic rights, discrimination, disherintance, dispossession, and other factors limiting the windows would be put to an end.

Her words, “On International Widows’ Day, we don’t just acknowledge loss, we celebrate your resilience and the immense strength you embody. You’ve faced unimaginable challenges, yet you stand here, mothers, daughters, 

leaders, and survivors. We stand together to honour the over 300 million widows worldwide, who’ve faced unimaginable losses, yet carry on as mothers, daughters, leaders, and the true backbone of countless communities.

She decried that despite the efforts of the widows towards the growth and development of the society, their strengths are often met with injustice, discrimination, and a denial of basic rights.

Mrs Olisa-Achingale, who is also a social entrepreneur, touched on Widows Savings and Loan Associations, WISALA, a proven model, that has empowered thousands of widows globally, encouraged the widows to join the Association and become entrepreneurs as many of them have untapped potential.

“Together, we can challenge harmful traditions and empower widows to rebuild with dignity. Let’s not wait, let’s form a collective force, We are the change. NGOs, social entrepreneurs, let’s champion legal protection and economic opportunities for widows. Widows, your voices are powerful”, Mrs Achingale, who also exposed the participants to the lecture, STRATEGIES AND DEBT MANAGEMENT, stated.

Widows drawn from other states in Nigeria, in diaspora and the foreign countries including the USA and Canada participated in the event and also about 360 widows attended the in-person event held at Maryland, Ikeja, organized by God’s Wives International Widows Center in Lagos State.

They were also exposed to other topics which include: BUDGETING BASICS, led by Mrs. Angela Ajala.

Four (4) widows who include: Mrs. Funmi Babayemi; Mrs. Mujidat Jelili; Mama Francesca Nwanze; Mrs. Mary Onabanjo; and Mrs. Stella Adetunji, shared their testimonies during the event.

Pix: some of the virtual participants.

For the records, International Widows’ Day is observed on June 23rd each year to raise awareness about the challenges faced by widows worldwide and to advocate for their rights. The inclusion of financial literacy for widows is of great importance for several reasons. First and foremost, it provides them with the knowledge and skills to effectively manage their finances after the loss of a spouse. This includes understanding their financial rights, responsibilities, and options.

Also, it empowers widows to make informed decisions about their investments, retirement and estate plannings. It helps them navigate complex financial matters, such as insurance claims, taxes, and budgeting, with confidence and ease.

This explains the purpose of this webinar to celebrate with our widow sisters on their special Day; share with them how to save, earn and invest as well as introduce them to a financial inclusion tool that has helped thousands of widows change their livelihoods and give them a voice in their communities.


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