Fri. Jul 12th, 2024


A social innovator and community advocate, Mrs. Adanma Odefa, has expressed plans to kiss at least 10 people in June 22 Kissing Day celebration.

Odefa, who interacted with our correspondent through WhatsApp, however expressed the feelings if they will find the kisses pleasant.

She pointed out that the first thought of almost everyone at the mention of kissing, would go to one putting their lips on the lips of another as a romantic gesture, but explained that it is not quite all that kissing represents.

Odefa who espoused and expounded the meaning of kissing, observed that the world is fast racing to a place where humanity is watered down to duties and functions performed robotically.

She explained further that there is holy kissing like the one told of in the bible, maternal and paternal kissing that parents bestow on their children, siblings, friends among others and also a kiss given to one another in a non romantic way.

Her words, “Some men would kiss the back of a ladies hand which is quite rather gallant and gentlemanly to me although every lady may not share this view and it also depends on the gentleman bestowing the kiss.

“Ladies hug and kiss each other on their cheeks to show love and friendship. Some men do this too.

“I quite fancy the idea of a world kissing day. I plan to go out and kiss at least 10 people today. I do hope they will find my kisses pleasant!

Odefa, who admitted that the COVID-19 experience was a frightening wake up call, moreover reminded the people that, “We are created to be physically interactive”.

“Absolutely, we must not make others uncomfortable but if it’s okay by the ‘kissee’, some kissing should be done as much as possible”, the social innovator and community advocate also advised.


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