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A charity organization known as Harrison Goodness Foundation, HGF has encouraged Nigerians to imbibe the culture of saying hi to people as saying hi regularly to others in the neighbourhood would not only improve social success, but will also make people feel special in the present world that is filled with uncertainties.

Say Hi Day is an annual holiday celebrated on June 11 in some countries in memory of Joseph Anthony Cinotti, a special needs teen who died at the age of 15. Cinotti made it a habit to greet everyone he met throughout his life, and his upbeat personality endeared him to his neighborhood.

The founder of HGF, Chief Richard Harrison, who interacted with our correspondent through WhatsApp chat, who also observed that saying hi, a simple welcome could start a chain reaction of positive contacts and make all the difference, further observed that Say Hi Day is a public awareness campaign that aims to remind people that one simple word can improve someone’s day, bring a smile to their face, or shift their mood.

According to him, saying hi to people can alleviate the sense of rejection and also make the receiver feel more accepted by the sender, who has helped to establish trust and build connections, which are essential for healthy relationships.

His words, “The habit of saying hi to people could be described as a respectful and polite way of recognizing or welcoming them, and the benefits of saying hi are not limited to mental health, but I think it also have a positive impact on physical health”.

He encouraged Nigerians to help foster a sense of belonging and contribute to overall well-being and satisfaction of people by embracing all that is contained in the June 11 Say Hi Day.

Records available states that “Hi”, an interjection used as a greeting exclamation became popular as a greeting word in the early 20th century. Joseph Anthony Cinotti, a 15-year-old young man, is the inspiration behind Say Hi Day. Cinotti spent his entire life saying hi to everyone he came across and always expected everyone to be kind, and humane, and to realize that everyone matters in this world. Sadly, he died in 2018. On June 11th, 2021, the first annual Say Hi Day was observed by the Say Hi Foundation.

Say Hi Day is intended to remind individuals that a simple word can improve someone’s day, bring a smile to their face, or change their mood.


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