Sat. Jun 22nd, 2024


As some countries across the globe celebrates the year 2024 annual June 10 National Egg Roll Day, consumers, sellers and egg roll makers, have lamented the high cost of the deliciously crunchy and chewy meal, made in a wide variety of ways.

Interacting with our correspondent in Umuahia, a regular customer to a roadside egg roll shop, Mrs Anthonia Ogbonna, disclosed that egg roll that was previously sold at 100 naira, now cost between N400 and 600 Naira.

She decried that most people can no longer afford to eat eggs as one egg is being sold for between N150 to N200 in spite of its health benefits, let alone buying an egg roll, which she observed might not make any good financial sense to them.

Also interacting with our correspondent respectively, a Chef, Lady Chidinma Ejiogu and Mr. Kamsiriochi Ahiwe, an egg roll seller also decried that wheat flour, groundnut or vegetable oil and sugar are very expensive to purchase in the present market.

They said that egg which used to sell for around N2,000 for a crate in year 2023 has increased to almost N6000, making an egg which used to be N100, to sell for N200 presently.

According to them also, the price of a bag of wheat flour hangs around  N62,000 to N70, 000 and also the global sugar shortage has remained a complex issue with multifaceted causes and significant immediate impacts.

 They observed that climate change affecting sugar cane and beet crops, geopolitical tensions disrupting supply chains, and rising energy costs impacting production and transportation are the major factors contributing to this crisis.

National Egg Roll Day was first established in 2019 by Van and Kim Nguyen, who are the Vietnamese immigrant owners of Van’s Kitchen, a company in the US that sells pre-made egg rolls. The company founded National Egg Roll Day in June in honor of the beginning of the Van’s Kitchen brand in June of 1986.


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