Sat. Jun 22nd, 2024


Dr. Alex Otti
Executive Governor,
Abia State,

His Excellency Sir,

An open letter to the Abia State Governor (the chief security officer) for Urgent Intervention in the Alleged Killing of Miss Vivian Ocheze Munachi’s Death.

We the entire members of Abia Civil Society Network (ACSON), a group committed to the promotion of civil rights and justice within our community, writes to draw your attention to the aforesaid subject.

Sir, we are gravely concerned about the alleged tragic and untimely death of Miss Vivian Ocheze Munachi, which occurred on Monday, 20th May 2024, in the premises of Inner Galaxy Company, a steel manufacturing firm located in Umuahala village, Ukwa West Local Government Area, Abia State.

In a detailed reporting on the cause of death by NewsBand Newspaper, it was alleged that Miss Ocheze was allegedly pushed to her death by Mr. G.Z. Zhen, the manager of Inner Galaxy Company, following a heated altercation. The altercation reportedly ensued after Miss Ocheze informed Mr. Zhen of her pregnancy, for which he refused to take responsibility. The confrontation escalated into a physical struggle, during which Mr. Zhen allegedly pushed Miss Ocheze from an upstairs location, causing her to fall onto heavy metals and stones, resulting in her instant death.

This incident has understandably caused an uproar and considerable distress within the Umuahala community and beyond.

As the Chief security officer of the state, committed to justice and the rule of law, we urge you to use your esteemed office to take immediate and decisive action that :

  1. Thorough Investigation be carried out to fish out the culprits and unravel the mystery behind Miss Ocheze’s death.
  2. To ensure that the perpetrator(s) involved in this heinous act are prosecuted to the full extent of the law.
  3. For Corporate Accountability, we call for search of Inner Galaxy Company for any potential breaches of safety and ethical standards, and take appropriate action if the company is found culpable.
  4. That necessary support be provided for her family.
  5. That the findings are made public.

No individual, regardless of nationality or position, should be above the law.
In anticipation of your immediate response to this grave matter, we trust that justice will be served promptly to uphold the rule of law, and ensure that persons are deterred from such extreme acts of violence.

Yours sincerely,

Bar. Amaka Biachi
Conveyor I.

Cassius Ukwugbe
Conveyor II.

Okoye, Chuka Peter
Executive Secretary.

Mr. Chuka Okoye


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