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A pianist and traditional ruler of Uzi-Amizi autonomous community Olokoro clan in Umuahia South L.G.A, of Abia State, HRH Eze Cyril Ogbenna, has said that relaxation on classical piano music could boost the health condition of Nigerians, particularly in this era of economic downturn.

Initiated in the year 2015 by a German pianist and composer Nils Frahm, World Piano Day is celebrated on the 88th day of the year, which is the same as the number of keys on the piano. This year, it takes place on March 28. World Piano Day was founded by a group of like-minded people who aimed to create a platform for piano-related projects to promote the development of music and to share the joy of playing the piano.

Interacting with our correspondent in his palace in Uzi-Amizi, Eze Ogbenna who torched/ touched on the theme of the celebration – “Life is like a piano”, described the piano as his hospital and doctor, explaining further that mere playing the keyboard has healed him severally whenever he was sick.

Pix: HRH Eze Cyril Ogbenna.

“After enjoying a delicious meal, I view it as appropriate to appreciate the cook that prepared the food. So, the celebration of World Piano day to me, include: thanking God Almighty for imparting the sense into humanity that inspiration to compile some electronic components, put them together to become the piano unit, that boost sounds of different melodious tunes;

“The pianist who took the instructions of the composers, devote his time and interest to master the keys and at the same time, making melodies out of the instrument for people’s enjoyment; and lastly, the admirers who relax in bewilderment to listen and enjoy multiple sounds that creates the music.”It may sound strange to say that over 70 percent of the population does not know that calmly relaxation on classical piano music boost good health. Also I have not been to Heaven, but my conscience tells me that if God were manlike, He would be taping His foot on the heavenly floor to the beating of the pianoforte.
“Praying and shouting is good but I see it like stressing God but when you play the piano, He feels happy and reward the person, because the moment God is happy with you, the more blessings, He gives to you”, Eze Ogbenna said.

The Royal father who observed that the idea behind the world piano day was to celebrate the piano across the world by holding events, performances, masterclasses, lectures, among others, also observed that learning how to play a musical instrument could help children develop and improve coordination and motor skills, as playing the piano requires movement in the hands, the arms, and the feet.

He also observed that people particularly, children who began playing the piano in their early grade school years have easier mathematic understanding while improving their concentration.

World Piano Day has been designed to celebrate this incredible instrument, which has brought many of us joy over the years. No matter whether you play the piano yourself or you have an appreciation for this sort of music, we can all appreciate that listening to a quality pianist is a joy.

According to several studies, children who begin playing the piano in their early grade school years have better cognitive development compared to their peers.


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