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A Nongovernmental Organization known as Harrison Goodness Foundation, HGF has unveiled plans to feed all Otampa children below the age of 15.

This action was conceived to prioritize efforts to address food insecurity and malnutrition in the villages in Otampa community in Isuikwuato L.G.A, of Abia State, Dr. Mrs Gloria Richard Harrison, the Secretary General and Director, HARRISON GOODNESS FOUNDATION, UK and NIGERIA, has disclosed.

According to a report, in 2024, Nigeria is expected to see about 26.5 million people grappling with high levels of food insecurity, as disclosed by the Government of Nigeria and its partners during the unveiling of the October 2023 Cadre Harmonisé analysis on food insecurity. The Cadre Harmonisé, an initiative focused on food and nutrition analysis, conducts studies biannually (in March and October) across 26 states and the Federal Capital Territory, FCT.

Moreover, approximately 9 million children are at risk of suffering from acute malnutrition or wasting. Of these, an alarming 2.6 million children could face Severe Acute Malnutrition (SAM) and require critical nutrition treatment, the report also stated.

The HGF Secretary General who hinted that the one day program which will take place at AMAOGUDU HALL on Easter Monday (1st April, 2024), has the caption – “Feed the future”, and will also feature a career talk by the HGF Nigeria Director of Scholarship, Mr. Onyekachi Ogwo.

“Harrison Goodness Foundation will feed the Otampa children with nutritious meals on Easter Monday. This is our contribution to ameliorate the ongoing challenges and hardship that has worsened since we came home for Christmas. It is heartbreaking to see children of tomorrow suffer in hunger. 

“To ensure the success of this one day feeding programme, the Foundation is organizing an outreach and sensitization across the community. We want to ensure that Otampa children have access to adequate nutrition which is crucial for their physical and cognitive development”. 

Mrs Harrison pointed out that failure to have access to adequate nutrition could have serious consequences on them which include: stunted growth; weakened immune system; cognitive impairments; and long-term health implications.

Pix: Dr. Mrs Gloria Harrison.

” Malnutrition can lead to stunted growth in children, both physically and intellectually. This can have long-term effects on their overall health and well-being. Poor nutrition weakens the immune system, making children more susceptible to illnesses and infections. This can result in frequent illnesses and a higher risk of mortality.

“Malnutrition can lead to cognitive impairments and developmental delays in children. This can impact their ability to learn, perform in school, and reach their full potential. Also, children who experience malnutrition in their early years may face long-term health implications, such as chronic diseases, reduced productivity, and a higher risk of poverty in adulthood”, Mrs Harrison, who is also a medical expert further explained.

She expressed optimism that the free feeding programme would greatly assist and also ensure that children have the best possible start in life.

Meanwhile, the HGF Nigeria Coordinator, Mr. Nelson Aghogu and Head Media unit Mr. Emeka Onwumere, has disclosed the level of preparation for the Easter Monday event.

They had while briefing our correspondent, described the children’s free feeding programme as laudable and the first of its kind in the whole of otampa Community.

They pointed out that the merriment “is for all Otampa children below the age of 15”.


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