Sat. Apr 13th, 2024


Mothers have been reminded that their vocation as mothers is not just a human assignment but a sacred call.

Speaking at St. Ann’s parish, Ahiaeke, Umuahia, Abia State, during the unveiling ceremony of the theme for the year 2024 Mothers Sunday, “Motherhood, a call to perform a sacred and supreme vocation”, the Catholic Women Organization, CWO President of the parish, Dr. Mrs Grace Okaro, who reminded mothers that God made them supporters of homes, said  “When you are supporting, you should be able to take care of the family and ensure that what comes out of the family is good for the society”.

She pointed out that women are the bedrock of what makes up the society, and who sees to the day- to-day upbringing of their children.

“Annually, the CWO brings out a theme to guide women and mothers on their celebration of the mothers Sunday. You know that the Nigeria’s situation has gone hey wire, everything has turned upside down and the society is dependent on the family. Whatever comes out of the family showcases what we see in the general society, and mothers are the bedrock of the families.

Mrs Okaro, who described the theme of the event, as apt, encouraged mothers not to relent in their vocation as it comes from God Almighty.

“Right from the creation of humanity, God made women supporters of the men”, Okaro, who is also the African Women Entrepreneurship Program, (AWEP), Nigeria President pointed out.

Speaking also, a parishioner, Dr. Peter Nnadede, who also explained the theme of the event, pointed out that sacred draws the mind to holiness while vocation is an act of giving out one’s self voluntarily to the work of God, hence the need for the members of the CWO to work hard as mothers and home supporters.

Espousing and expounding further the theme of the event while interacting with our correspondent shortly after the service, the parish priest, Rev. Fr. Ibedu Elias said that the theme was derived from Mother Mary, who is the ideal mother and who also was chosen by God to be the mother of the world.

He buttressed further that Jesus Christ entrusted her to the world at the cross of Calvary.


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