Fri. Jul 12th, 2024


Participants who gathered at the United Nations Headquarters, New York for the 68th Commission on the Status of Women, CSW event have been enjoined to work on new and innovative solutions to the challenges that women and girls face worldwide.

Welcoming participants during the event which has the theme, “Empowering Women and Girls for a Sustainable Future”, Amb. Mrs. Catherine Utsalo, Chief host of the event and Vice President/ Executive Director Prezens For Charity (Non-Profit Organization) said that the CSW session provides an opportunity for stakeholders to unite behind challenges faced by women and girls throughout the world.

According to her, the session was dedicated to advancing gender equality in both national and international contexts. 

“The Commission on the Status of Women, with its nearly seven-decade-long history, has been the vanguard of gender equality advocacy worldwide. 

“We have speakers and experts from across all sectors, offering their perspectives on “Breaking the Poverty Cycle: Innovative Strategies for Economic Empowerment of Women”. The keynote and panel discussions will be invaluable in shaping better policies and programs that can help to realize the Sustainable Development Goals, SDGs related to gender equality”, she expressed optimism.

The President General of Igbo World Union, IWU His Imperial Majesty Amb Sir Dr Mishak Nnanta, Kjw, ksm, JP Gburugburu Ndigbo Dum also received, “Brave Heart” award from Global Humanitarian Alliance for Excellence during the event.

Meanwhile, Cornerstone Christian University/Cornerstone University of Florida has bestowed upon Sir Mishak Nnanta the degree of Doctorate Honoris Causa in Humanities.

Pix: Sir Mishak Nnanta.

Cornerstone Christian University/Cornerstone University has Dr.Ted Ridoré as Chancellor and Founder; Dr. Christine Valentine, Vice-Chancellor; Wilbert L. Bradley, School Dean; Dr.Maureen Whitehead, Academic Dean; Dr.P.J. Edmond, Sr, Maryland Branch Dean; Jean Claude Désir, Branch Dean; Dr.Tari Gold, Honorary Extension President; Saint-Yves Romelus, Research Director; Samuel Aurelien, Academic Director; Clerzius Liberus, Odontology; Dr.Linda Mackenzie, Board Member; Dr. Edward Kirkland, Alumni President; Dr. Ivanah Thomas, Board Member; and

d Ysmat Stevenson, Extension Coordinator.

Dr. Rasheed Vincent Osa-Ogbeide, Vice-President in his speech said that Nnanta was chosen among a few outstanding individuals for the Honoris Causa, adding, “This degree is being conferred as a way of honoring you as one of many distinguished individuals who have achieved academically and whose contributions to specific fields of human development or to society in general, have affected lives in endless and meaningful ways that words cannot begin to express”.

He pointed out that the institution would always support, encourage, form partnership and inspire him among other recipients of the award to achieve their goals and dreams.


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