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The wife of the Vicar/Administrator of Christ Anglican Church, Bende, Diocese of Umuahia, Anglican Communion, Bende Archdeaconry, in Bende L.G.A, of Abia State, Mrs. Cherish Ogechi Amaihe, has urged Christian parents, particularly mothers to rise up to their responsibilities.

Preaching from the text, 1 Kings chapter 3 verse 19 to 20 on the topic captioned: SLEEPING MOTHER – DANGER LOOMS!, during the mother’s day celebration of the Church, Mrs Amaihe observed that failure of most women to rise to their responsibility as Christian Mothers, has led most children to indulge in all sort of crime ravaging the society such as thuggery, ritual, Kidnapping, stealing, Killings, corruption among other ills.

Pix: Mrs. Cherish Ogechi Amaihe.

The Vicar’s wife who cited the biblical case of two women identified to be notorious harlots both lived in same house, had no stranger living with them, gave birth closely at the same time but due to their carelessness, one overlaid her baby and the baby died, which made her to exchanged her dead baby with the other whose baby was alive because she (the other woman) overslept.

” All these happened at night, night as time to rest, yet a time many atrocities are carried out. An exchange was made with the dead child for the living child while the other harlot was asleep. 

“Though the mother of the living child recognized her child. We Live in a time where many mothers do not recognize their children and don’t even know what their children are doing, others are careless in caring and training for their children. 

“Through intervention of King Solomon, a wise judgement was given. Our Mothers should seek godly counsel in addressing such ills ravaging their families and our society at large”, Mrs. Amaihe encouraged mothers.

She further maintained that once mothers rose up to their duties of watching, caring, supporting, mentoring and disciplining of their children then the society and the world in general shall recognize them as godly children and also see the identity of Christ written boldly in them. 

Pix: Canon Nelson Amaihe, who is the Vicar of the Christ Anglican Church, Bende.

Earlier in his injunction, Canon Nelson Amaihe, who is the Vicar of the Christ Anglican Church, Bende who doubles as the Canon Administrator of the Archdeaconry decried that the  society today is beclouded with severe dangers of Rape, Kidnapping, Insecurity, Banditry, Hatred, Killings, Hunger and Starvation among many others because mothers are sleeping.

Amaihe pointed out that sleeping while the society has become porous is not just dangerous but very disastrous hence the call for all Mothers and Parents who have lost their grounds to take back their place and rightful position as Christian Mothers and Parents.

“Together we shall combat ills destroying our society but we can’t succeed if we remain asleep”, the Vicar pointed out.

14 persons were honoured as Daughter of Zion; Unique Sons and Unique Daughters during the service.


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