Fri. Jul 12th, 2024


A Nongovernmental Organization known as Good Development Accountability Advocacy, GDAA has enjoined Nigerians to appreciate the pivotal roles of NGOs in national and international politics and relations.

In a release made available to our correspondent through WhatsApp as Nigeria joined the rest of countries across the globe to observe the year 2024 World NGO day, the GDAA founder and Chairman Board of Trustees, Deacon Chukwunazom Obi, observed that NGOs through their activities have enhance public participation within states by reminding government delegates that they are being watched.

According to him, NGOs have also been conducting many kinds of activities within states, which include, linking to local partners, working on local arenas to harmonize state policies, providing humanitarian aid, and protecting/accompanying persons or peoples in danger.

Other roles played with the NGOs according to Deacon Obi include: mobilization of global networks, gathering information on local conditions through contacts around the world; developing global network of supporters to conditions requiring attention, and creating emergency response.

He pointed out that NGOs usually participate in Intergovernmental Organizations, IGOs meetings/conferences where they are expected to build social coalitions, raise new issues, support IGOs development, address IGOs meetings, submit documents, improve skills of participants as well as increase expertise on issues.

” First, may I congratulate in a special way, certain group of individuals, businessmen and other societal forces, with no legal bonds with nation-states, for creating NGOs. I also wish to thank the UNO in setting out this day for the international community to recognize the impact of NGOs in global politics”, the release partly read.


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