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Child Protection Network (CPN) Abia State has called on Ministries of Education across Nigeria to recognize the value of linguistic diversity, and integrate mother languages into the curriculum to facilitate inclusive learning experiences for all students.

CPN who joined the global community in observing International Mother Language Day, a day designated by UNESCO to celebrate linguistic and cultural diversity worldwide, also enjoined parents to communicate with their children in their native tongue.

In a release signed by Amb. Onyinyechi Joy Nwosu, Coordinator, CPN Abia, and made available to our correspondent, the group expounded the year 2024 theme of the event – “Multilingual education is a pillar of intergenerational learning,” reaffirmed its commitment to child protection.

 Amb. Nwosu, who emphasized the critical role of mother language in safeguarding children’s rights and well-being, said that International Mother Language Day holds particular significance for CPN as it recognizes the importance of preserving and promoting diverse languages within the context of child protection.

According to her, “Language serves as a cornerstone of identity, culture, and communication, shaping a child’s understanding of the world and fostering their cognitive development.

“By honouring and nurturing a child’s mother language, we empower children to express themselves, access education, and participate fully in society.

“CPN Abia underscores the vital role of parents, schools, and communities in ensuring the well-being of children through mother language.

“Parents are encouraged to communicate with their children in their native tongue, creating a supportive and nurturing environment that enhances parent-child bonding and emotional development. Schools play a crucial role in promoting multilingual education”.

CPN Abia passionately called on society at large to recognize and respect the linguistic rights of children, while advocating for policies and initiatives that promote multilingualism and protect linguistic diversity.

Nwosu pointed out that the society can create a more equitable and culturally rich environment where every child can thrive, which is achievable by embracing mother language as a tool for empowerment and inclusion.

“As we commemorate International Mother Language Day, CPN Abia reaffirms its commitment to promoting linguistic diversity, cultural heritage, and the rights of every child. 

“Together, let us celebrate the beauty of mother languages and harness their power to build a brighter future for generations”, the Abia CPN Coordinator further called.

Bearing in mind the future of the younger generation also, the President General of Igbo Vanguard Group, IVG Engr. James Nnadozie Uchegbuo, who spoke to our correspondent in Umuahia, called for the promotion of Igbo language and the invention of modern equipment that would easily translate the language, which he advised should serve as a major means of communication.

Engr. James Nnadozie Uchegbuo.

He reasoned that overdependence on foreign language contributed to the poor usage of Igbo language among not only the younger ones but the elderly, even as he advised the government to encourage the use of vernacular in both the government, private and mission schools.

“We should look into the importance of mother’s tongue to the Nigerian educational system, because there is the urgent need to revive the use of multilingual education anchored on the mother tongue to promote mutual understanding, and respect, and preserve the rich tapestry of cultural and traditional heritage”, Uchegbuo pointed out.

International Mother Language Day is a worldwide annual observance held on 21 February to promote awareness of linguistic and cultural diversity and to promote multilingualism.

The theme for International Mother Language Day 2024 is “Multilingual education is a pillar of intergenerational learning”.


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