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Despite increased education and testing, Sexually Transmitted Diseases, STDS continue to be a huge problem in many parts of the world and this has raised serious concern among the Nigerian citizens as world observed the year 2024 International Condom Day with focus on the need to re-engage, re-invigorate, re-educate the society about the condom.

Interacting with our correspondent through WhatsApp chat on this disturbing issue, Mrs Adanma Odefa, a social innovator and community advocate, posited that alcohol, drugs among others are factors that affect the practice of responsible or safe sex.

Odefa, pointed out that these factors impair judgement and promotes reckless behaviour.

Mrs Adanma Odefa.

Her words, “Education and testing is one thing, actual behavioural change is a different thing entirely.

“Societal attitude is also a factor to consider. When young people are ‘caught’ with condoms, society frowns at such and labels these kids. It’s even worse when the youth is female. This discourages youth from buying and carrying condoms. If you don’t carry condoms, how will it magically appear in the heat of the moment”,  the social innovator queried, even as she maintained that such must be addressed.

Also interacting with our correspondent through WhatsApp chat, a professional nurse and Club Secretary, Rotary Club of Umuahia North District 9142, Rotarian Deborah Uche, said as long as people ignore the teachings of the usage of condoms, Sexually Transmitted Diseases will continue to be on the increase.

The healthcare professional who also debunked the claims that there is no pleasure in sex when condom is used, said, “When you use a condom, you have sweet and sensational sex. Your mind will be relaxed and you won’t bother about acquiring any sexually transmitted. You won’t be scared of any diseases at all”.

Continuing, “When you use a condom, your partner is safe from acquiring any form of sexually transmitted diseases”.

Rotarian Deborah Uche.

She harped on the need to engage the populace and educate them on the proper way to use a condom and the proper way to wear a condom, adding, “If everyone forms the habit of using condoms, the world will be a better place”.

Also in her contribution, a motivational speaker, Mrs Chinwe Ewurum, said that International Condom Day serves as a reminder of the ongoing need to prioritize sexual health education and promote condom use to combat the spread of STDs.

She also harped on the need for parents, religious organisations and schools to teach children from the tender age the value of abstinence and the dangers of pre – marital sex and unhealthy relationships with the opposite sex.

According to her, “The girl child should be trained to develop self esteem and exposed to entrepreneurial programs so they can be self reliant because these are baits for rapes and pre marital sex. They should also learn to say no to the opposite sex”.

Mrs Chinwe Ewurum.

International Condom Day is marked every year on February 13, strategically a day before Valentine’s Day, to emphasize the message of responsible and safe sexual behaviour.

Since condoms are one of the most effective methods for preventing the transmission of STIs and STDs when used consistently and correctly, International Condom Day is celebrated annually with the aim to advocate for sexual health education, promote access to condoms and reduce the stigma surrounding condom use.

This day highlights the importance of sexual health by practicing safer sex among individuals and promoting condom use as a vital tool for protection among communities.


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