July 5, 2022 7:49 pm

2023: Consider Those With Integrity, PFN Advises Electorate


Nigerians have been reminded that the positive change they longed for in governance will not come to reality until the electorate unanimously scout for personalities with integrity.

The Assistant Secretary, Pentecostal Fellowship of Nigeria, PFN Southeastern states, Nigeria; Secretary PFN Abia State Chapter and the General Overseer of Christ Generation Ministry Incorporated, Rev. Blessed Amalambu gave the advice, while interacting with a cross section of Journalists in Umuahia, Abia State.

He said the year 2022 serves as a very critical period, which affords the electorate the needed time and change to carefully scrutinize aspirants gunning for the various political offices for the year 2023 general elections in order to get the rightful candidates.

His words, “Good leadership is not a matter of poverty and riches. Most of the rich ones have amassed our wealth, embezzled the money meant for infrastructural development, cornered it to their private pockets and after, use peanuts to give us and we hailed them in return. Whereas there are poor people who are disciplined, whose words are their bonds, who want to make a name and not money because of posterity; that’s the people we must go for. People who have the fear of God background, those who know that God is the owner of governance, those who respect the word of God either as a traditionalist, moslem or christian.

“So, this is a critical period as far as politics is concerned in Nigeria. If Nigerians indeed desires a positive change, it starts now. This is the time Nigerian electorate should look inwardly, critically assess and analyze all the aspirants aspiring for one political position or the other. We should evaluate their antecedents and profiles, their mindsets, the orientation they have previously; whether there are looking for money, for what to eat, or greedy people.

“You know, all of them have held one position or the other, either as a Civil Servant or political office. So we should look into their activities and achievements”.

Rev. Blessed Amalambu

 Amalambu maintained that integrity is a choice and when once it is cultivated into one’s life, it can never be manipulated easily.

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